I've designed this to be a one-stop shop to view my portfolio, buy a feel-good photo, and/or read my blog.  My writing tends to mirror my photos .  I like to document, rather than doctor.  The more real, honest and candid the better. At least, when I'm the one behind the lens or a pen. 


My favorite shots are the ones that capture life's simple, yet beautiful moments.  Life is full of awe and magnificence and beauty--sometimes we just have to change our perspective to find it.  Or see it from someone else's view.

One cornerstone for my writing is to revive our youthful past times of wandering and wondering.  Those things that made you fall in love with life when you were a child.  Those are the things I wish to focus on (bet you didn't see that photography pun coming). 


If that's too vague for an about page, then here's some random intel that I'm thinking about as I type: 


I'm a domestic engineer (not a huge fan of the term stay-at-home mom).

After my kids go to kindergarten, I'd love to be a high school English teacher.   

Or a cop. Or a thrift store owner.  Or a farmer in the mountains.

Seriously, one life just isn't enough.

But, I'll gratefully accept it.

 I have no idea how tall I am, and I have never seen "The Notebook." 

I like my scotch neat and my cigar a little spicy.  

I carry my youth with me everywhere I go.  

And a pen. I usually always have a pen.  


Favorite authors: Thoreau, Hemingway, Palahniuk, Plato, Faulkner, Tolstoy, Rebecca Solnit, and anything theology--I could keep going, but it would look more like a library inventory list.  Honestly, I like 'em all. If I see anything classic literature in a store, I can't not buy it.  It's actually a problem, we are running out of room in our home.


  I'm a sucker for stories.  And they HAVE to be actual books.  Nothing beats the smell of an old book.


Favorite movie: it's a tie between "The Goonies" and "Breakfast at Tiffany's".  "It's A Wonderful Life" is my favorite Christmas film.

If I could bring back four people to have dinner with? Socrates to make me think, George Carlin to make me laugh, and Johnny Cash to play me the blues. 

And Jesus to remind me to give my dinner to someone else.

I love everything about the rain. 

And winter.

And nature.

And being a mom.

I thought I was born to be a city girl, but now the call to the mountains has never been so strong.

I draw with my right hand and shoot pool with my left.   

If you see me, I'm probably chasing lions or fighting pirate ships with my kids and hubby, Conrad. And I'm probably barefoot. 

Hence this website! This blog tells my story of how I have been able to live my life as a mother, while never quite losing my youthful love for life that I carried throughout my barefoot childhood.  

 It's also my faith walk-with God.  I used to not understand Him--sometimes I still don't.  But now that I have finished the Bible and joined a church, I have never felt more at home and at peace than I do with Him.  So, maybe, if I share my story it can help answer some of your questions and encourage you to embark on your own journey with Him, too.. 

I'm not here to tell you how to live your life or give you some get-rich-quick scheme. I'm just going to share my life with you, and you can take whatever you'd like and leave behind the rest. 


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