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#3: Love Letter to All You Women

Updated: Mar 15, 2019

My question: where do you find beauty? It's based on an idea I have for a gallery piece that will consist of pictures taken of girls and women first thing in the morning. I want to portray the rawness of the true self, and photographically riot against the doctored up moments we see all over everywhere.  Because, ask any good man, and he'll tell you that his girl is most beautiful right after she wakes up.  That moment that her purest self comes back to life to live another day. 

So, here is the first photo of the collection: me. I'm raising my twice-filled coffee cup to mornings.  To waking up.  To being able to be a part of this hauntingly gorgeous thing that we call life.  Here's to another day.  Another chance to be what this world needs: your most honest self.  It's for you women who wake up like this.  With wildly tangled hair going in directions that you thought physics denied.  With uncovered acne, bags under your eyes, unbrushed teeth, and mis-matched socks, hiding the legs you forgot to shave for probably a little longer than society’s standard. 

And in case you’re wondering, yes, I did buy this sweater in the men’s section at Goodwill, which I have now speckled with stains from coffee and baby spit-up. 

This is for those who believe that the Audrey Hepburn’s of the world will one day triumph over the Kylie Jenner’s (no offense Kylie Jenner, but long live the class).  It's for the women who aren’t afraid to show their blemishes, their faults, and their most natural moments.  Who are known for their good acts instead of their good looks. 

This is for my daughter, who I hope learns that her beauty is not directly correlated to the number of her Instagram followers.  That her beauty is defined not by how others see her, but by how she sees herself. That she knows not to measure herself against all the girls on social media who’s photos are only of things they wish others to see. 

I hope she remembers that most girls, if not all, in fact wake up like this.   That she always finds herself beautiful, for the one reason that she is being herself, and she’s not afraid of who that looks like. Finally, I hope she remembers that every morning is a good one simply because she woke up. 

And that is a beautiful thing. 

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