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#9: Something Positive

Updated: Jul 18, 2019

It’s funny how similar we all are and how we rarely ever notice.

We’re so busy separating. You from me. This from that. Them from us. We define something by pointing out what makes it different from everything else—what qualities and characteristics it has. This is this because of these things that nothing else has.

We tend to do the same thing when we define ourselves. What separates us from everyone else? “What’s special about me?” we ask.

Yes, it’s our differences that define us. That give us identity.

But our similarities are what bring us together. They join us and empower us. When we bring all of our differences to the table, and we accept that being different is what we all have in common—if we embrace instead of reject, accept instead of judge—that is when mankind becomes invincible.

When we break through barriers—push past the impossible. When we move mountains. We do it together.

When oxygen meets hydrogen and they bind with one another, water is formed. The life source of our world brought into existence simply because two unlike things came together as one.

They did not scoff at their differences, nor did they yearn to be like the other. They simply accepted themselves and each other.

What else could we create if we practiced this same acceptance?

What if we stopped trying to force our opinions and views onto others, and rather just listened. What if we stopped scrolling through Instagram, envying the paths of others, and realized we are on our own path for a reason? What if we stopped blaming people for things outside of their control—their race, their ancestors, their size, gender, and histories? Rather than casting people out for their differences, what if we praised them? Valued them. Loved them. What could we accomplish?

Maybe news headlines wouldn’t be so dreary and advertisements would actually promote good things. Maybe science would evolve quicker, inventions created more rapidly. Poverty might no longer exist. Nor would hunger, depression, loneliness.

If we all just said, “Yeah, why not help each other?” For the sake of humankind. For the good. The light.

We help and we unite and stand side-by-side…imagine what we could create and discover. What we could overcome.

If we all embraced our own paths and respected everyone else’s—no judgement, no envy, no hatred—the results would be absolutely beautiful.

Whoever you are, the world needs you. The world needs someone like you because you don’t exist anywhere else. So let’s do more than put our differences aside. Let’s put them together to be a part of something bigger. To just be better.

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