#2: Why Are My Dreams Still Just Dreams?

Updated: Mar 15, 2019

Dear You,

My Grandma once asked me how my relationship was going with this guy I was seeing (we’ll call him Jack), and I told her that Jack was great, life was great, everything was great, but I felt like I just didn’t have enough time for him. She smiled because she’s been there and she knows what’s really going on.

She blinks and looks up from her not-so-grandma-like cocktail and calmly says, “Sweetheart, if you really liked him, you’d make time for him.” And then I was smiling because I knew how right she was.

When we love something or someone, Time is no longer our most valued possession. Love always wins, and there’s almost nothing that can stand in its way.


There is only one thing that can hold us back from what we really want: ourselves.

Sure, things that lie outside of our control happen all the time. They can hinder us, make things more difficult, or even make them seem impossible. But history proves that we haven’t let these things stop us.

Today, we are capable of more than we ever thought was possible. We’ve built cities, we’ve cured diseases, and we’ve overcome humanity’s darkest of days. We’ve put planes in the sky and hundred-ton boats on top of the ocean.

We’ve done all of these things because people just didn’t give up.

They woke up and worked. They pushed themselves further and further, past the point where everyone expected them to stop. They sacrificed comfort and rejected laziness. But the one thing that they all did, is they began.

I’ve found that the reason why my dreams remain in my head instead of being real accomplishments in the outside world is because I never know how to start. So I don’t. Or I’ll plan for a while. I’ll buy a cute leather-bound book, write all of my lists, ideas, and goals in it. I’ll stick with it for a while, even draw out a pretty solid plan.

But then life happens, and I just stop doing it. I find excuses to not push myself. I look for reasons to do other things. And just like that, my dreams take the back burner, and I forget about them until I smell something weird.

So, how do I get to a point where I can start working on these things and become successful? How do I make my dreams come true? I used to ask myself these questions every day.

I would get anxious because I felt like there was so much that I needed to do in order to be what I wanted to be. I got stressed from the massive amounts of to-do lists, so I put my tools down and did something easier that gave me immediate satisfaction. I picked up my phone. Half an hour later I put it down, having completed nothing in the outside world. I was exactly where I was thirty minutes ago: stressing out and at the very beginning.

Then one day I told myself “No. No, you will not spend your life only doing what’s easy. Today, I begin a journey that I will tell my children. ” So I sat down and started making my website. Did I finish in thirty minutes? I didn’t even finish that day. Hell, I’m still working on it.

But, I made the first step.

A friend once reminded me that life is a lot like physics: a body at rest wants to stay at rest. The beginning is always the hardest. You wake up sleepy and tell yourself you’ll go for jog at dawn tomorrow, instead. We all know you’re not going for a jog at dawn tomorrow.

The secret to success is not hoping for a better tomorrow; it’s doing something in this very moment to make yourself better today. Once you brush that morning sand out of your eyes and get moving, it all seems a little bit easier. It’s physics.

Then, before you know it, that early-bird run will become your routine, your habit. You’ll even start to crave it. You’ll run farther, faster, and longer with every day.

Push your comfort zone.

Do more than average. Give it everything you got and a little bit more.

See what your capable of!

So, yes, dreams are great. But they’re even better when you free them from the confines of your mind. And you are the only one capable of breaking through that barrier.

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