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#1: Why I Write To "You"?

Updated: Mar 15, 2019

Dear You,

I capitalize the “y” in “You” because, despite all of our differences, we are all very much the same. We all have people we love, goals we wish to achieve, and fears we are trying to forget. Yet, we separate ourselves from everyone else. I think that’s one of humanity’s greatest flaws.

We develop a one-track mind, upon which we are all running our separate races. We think we are the only one jumping hurdles, so we don’t even slow down to go help that guy who just ate it behind us. “Sucks for him,” one might say. But what do we say when that person is us?

Then suddenly, the guy who keeps running is a total asshole. We are so eager to win, to get to the end and claim our prize, that we forget that we are all in this race together.

Our flaw is in forgetting that we are not alone. It’s in thinking that no one else feels as depressed, or angry, or as tired as we do.

We fight for our family against someone else who is fighting for theirs. We are running so fast that we don’t even realize we are both fighting for the same thing. Our right becomes more right, simply because it’s ours. That’s our flaw.

It’s in thinking that our neighbors are just characters in our own story, in which we are the stars and everyone else is in the background without any lines to remember. We forget that they have beds they sleep in, or maybe a sick grandmother in the hospital, or possibly a dog they feed under the table, just like us. We forget our enemies have people they love and favorite flavors of ice cream. They have regrets from the past and dreams for their futures.

Our flaw is in treating people as obstacles instead of a fellow friend who is running right next to us.

What if we stopped separating “you” from “me”? What if we all stopped running so fast, left the track, and went to go get a beer together? What would we find out about the girl at work who never smiles, or the man across the street we always wave to but never stop and talk to?

So, I write to “you”. To everyone and anyone. You might be your own person, with your own life, and worries, and hopes. But that is exactly what we all have in common. We are all just trying to survive. So what if we did it together? That is my goal, here. To change the pace of this crazy race, and backtrack to a time where we all started at the same place. To fight for each other instead of against each other. To live positively, without hate, or pride, or arrogance.

My goal is to live differently, to change the future of the world that my daughter will grow up in. Well, and to have as much fun as I possibly can.

Now, I’m left wondering where society would be today if humanity had spent its yesterdays building the world together instead of trying to tear each other down. What things would we have invented that we don’t know of today? What wars would have never started, what milestones would we have passed sooner, or whose lives would never have been lost?

Next Blog post: How to be a mom and hold onto your youth.

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